SAFE is Fast

SAFE stands for Skilled, Assured, Fit and Empowered. These are the key qualities that any young race driver must acquire and hone if they are to be successful in motor sport. That is why the Road Racing Drivers Club (RRDC) has created the SAFEisFAST program: to engage with and support aspiring racers.

SAFEisFAST provides online tutorials and guidance to promote and teach the skills necessary to be successful and safe on the track. Featuring expert advice from champion drivers and industry professionals, as well as tutorials on safety, fitness, mental skills, race craft, sponsorship and more, the site is designed to assist drivers at all levels of motor sport.

The site was created by the RRDC, a US organization made up of many of the world’s finest racing drivers. Members are elected by their peers and include Formula One World Champions, Indy-500 winners, champion Sports Car Drivers, and top American amateur road racers. Walt Hansgen  At the time of the club’s creation in 1952, racing was enjoying a post-war boom with new circuits springing up but with safety considered of little importance to circuit designers and race organisers.

Led by respected champions and prominent American road racers, the RRDC was formed to enable drivers to have greater input into the sport – particularly in the area of safety.  Now, over 60 years later, the club continues to lead the way in motor sport safety and young driver development.  Click here to learn more!

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