SCCA Club Racing

There’s nothing like it. Nothing equal. Nothing close to that pit in your gut that tells you – no commands you: It’s time to go racing.

Time to push limits, cut the apex and breathe the burn at turn two. Add adrenaline, horsepower and checkered flags – throw in passion and performance for good measure – and the flag says go.

Since 1944, SCCA has had one mission: Bring motorsports to those who are passionate about it. From National Championships to regional events, whether professional or amateur, getting enthusiasts out of the armchair and into the action is what we’re all about. We organize, support and develop auto racing at every level. Autocross, Rally or Road Racing. Professional or weekend warrior. Fuel your passion here.sccalogo-mainpage

TRB AutoSports is involved in THREE classes in the SCCA. The first is Spec Miata which is a class that we modify street miatas to compete in competition. The second is Spec Racer Ford, its a purpose built race car from the ground up, not a street car turned into a race car. The third is Super Touring Lite, these are again street cars that are turned into race cars but much more modifications than say the Spec Miatas. Engines are modified, suspension is more upgraded and brakes etc.